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How to repair your screwdriver sockets?

You should know that KS Tools offers you an unlimited warranty on hand tools, except for tools such as screwdriver bits, screwdriver bits, screwdriver socket bits. And yes, because screwdriver bits are considered consumable.

In order to avoid changing an entire screwdriver socket, now offers a range of screwdriver bits sold individually from 62 cents to repair your sockets.

Here's how to do it in 6 easy steps

Flat / Slot, Phillips or Pozidriv, Allen / hex, Torx and Torx drilled, XZN 12, RIBE, Torq set, Spanner and Tri wing screwdriver bits, you will find the right bit for you!

To choose your screwdriver bit, check the drive of the socket by measuring where the bit will be housed, either in 6.35 mm, 5/16 or 10 mm.



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