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Stars of the show: the videoscope!

There is a growing demand for videoscopes in the technical field. It is becoming necessary to be able to check repairs, but also for a manufacturer to be able to examine the quality of the components. The advantage of this is that it can be checked quickly, in real time and live.

Today's customers need more understanding, proof of repairs or work done. That's why KS Tools offers 3 videoscopes that meet all these expectations, supplied with numerous accessories. During video recording, the user can add a voice commentary to describe the situation and save time. An SD memory card (included) provides ample storage of photos, videos and comments that can be transferred to a PC or laptop.

These videoscopes are easy to use and come with full instructions for use. The technological advancement of this product means that we are probably the first to offer such high quality images and WiFi wireless transmission (depending on the model). Our videoscopes are equipped with a mini camera at the end of the probe, connected by a flexible data transfer cable to the handle. This data is transmitted to the control screen without losing any information and with a perfect image. The camera heads are equipped with 4 to 6 LEDs that deliver near daylight brightness. The light intensity can be adjusted by means of a dial. There is no need to add any additional light source. Using the videoscope saves you time and money in a professional way.

Today, this professional tool can be found in your hands as a hobbyist! You won't be able to get rid of it because it's so easy to use. Discover the new basic model, the simplest, cheapest and most practical:


The advantages of the Basic videoscope:

- Transportable and autonomous- Good image quality thanks to the camera at the end of the probe and the LED light- Wide range of viewing possibilities due to the camera and its accessories- Unlike fibre optics, the probe does not break and remains flexible- Can be used in the presence of several people- Can be connected to external sources: TV, PC, laptop using the video cable- Easy to use

The technical data of the Basic videoscope:

The monitor: Weight: 430 g / Screen: 16.7 Million colours / Screen ratio: ~30 bps / Video output: Max. 10" zoom / Video format: NTSC / Power: 4 AA batteries (not supplied) / Working temperature: 0°C to 50°C

The probe: Diameter: 8.5 mm / Length: 1000 mm / Output: Semi-rigid spiral / Twisting radius: max. 30 mm / Lens type: Aspherical, Ø 3.6 mm / Camera protection: Sapphire glass Stainless steel tip protection / Angle: 0 degrees / Viewing angles: Horizontal 46° – Vertical 34° – Diagonal 56° / Camera resolution : 320 (H) x 240 (V) = 76800 Pixels / Depth of field: 1 cm – 6 cm / AV magnification: from 10" to Cinch / Working temperature: 0°C to 50°C / Resistance: waterproof / Waterproof (IP67 / max. 1 m), Oils and fuels / Light source: 6 white Mini-LEDs, adjustable by dial / Brightness: 0 ~ 420 LUX/4 cm / Mirror tips: 90° angle, 36° opening

Model comes in a 7-piece box with cleaning kit and 3 probe tips.

Its exceptional promotional price: 250.00 € ttc

Other models, more complete, are proposed on the professional blog. Don't hesitate to discover them!

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