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The workshop of your dreams!

The big news of the new school year is the brand new SRM (Modular Storage System) from KS Tools! Finally a simple and efficient system to create your own workshop, with a choice of 25 references of high furniture, low furniture, wooden trays, perforated panels, cupboard… to be modulated ad infinitum!


First of all you can go to the virtual configuration site, to set up your elements in a very simple and intuitive way. By referring to the dimensions and capacities of your workshop, you can immediately check whether the elements fit in your space. Test different combinations, move the elements around and optimise your storage to find the right result for the way you work

There are various possibilities: two standard sizes are available, 26 inches (676mm) and 34 inches (861mm). In fact, each piece of furniture is derived in these two dimensions. You can then match your configuration with a tall cupboard, perforated panels in 24″ or 36″ and wooden trays depending on the size of the base units used. The panels and tall units are held in place by a very strong panel support system, which will allow you to assemble your workshop without having to hang it on the wall

Once you have made your choice on the virtual configurator, you can keep your list of references and send it to us for a quote. Also, each reference is available on our website, where you can order them directly. Of course, we are at your disposal for any request, and to provide you with as much information as possible about this system by email at or by phone at 04 77 64 66 60.

We offer on, in addition to the furniture and accessories by the unit, basic sets already ready to order to make your life easier!


You will receive your workshop to be assembled on several pallets depending on the number of pieces of furniture ordered. It is obvious that you will have to check the condition of all the products in the presence of the deliveryman, a task that may seem tedious but it is not! Because unpacking is very simple, you just have to unbuckle the packages and lift the boxe.

After unpacking your furniture, it's time to assemble! Please bring the necessary tools: 10mm socket or spanner for the panel supports, 13mm spanner for fixing the furniture together, a plastic mallet for fitting the perforated panels, a 24mm spanner for adjusting the height of the furniture.

Step by step assembly:

1 / Start with the panel brackets which will secure the base units together and act as a support for the perforated panels and wall units.

There are two types of panel supports: Simple supports which are fixed to the ends of your workshop. They are sold in pairs and are placed at the end of the installation. The double supports are placed between the furniture and are perforated on each side, they are sold by one.


(From left to right single and double panel support)

2 / You can now fix the furniture together at the legs to consolidate the structur.

3 / The perforated panels can be attached. Two panel sizes are available, 26″ and 34″ to be used according to the width of your furniture

To put them in place, it's very simple, you have to put the notches in front of the holes of the panel support and push with a plastic mallet without forcing on the notches. Once it is set, you can finish the fixing by hand

4 / If you have tall furniture in your configuration, you can now attach them to the 4 inner corners of the furniture on the panel support


5 / The wooden tray is to be fixed last. Don't hesitate to remove any drawers or doors that may be in the way, so that you can screw your tray in from underneath.

Please note that the board has a varnished side for the top and a raw side for the screwing, and the same on the side of the wooden board for the front and the back of the workshop

6 / You can mount your cabinet on the side of your workshop.

7 / For finishing touches, adjust the height of your furniture for a stable workshop,

and you can finally put your shelves inside the furniture,

(Shelves with independent notches for optimal wedging)

(Reinforced shelves with a double plate underneath)

and attach your finishing plinths.

Clip on skirting with plastic clips

A set of hooks can complete your storage accessories directly on the perforated panel.


The new SRM system from KS tools has convinced us! It really is a new concept in the workshop and DIY world. It allows a simulation and then a really simplified and stress-free assembly to have a robust and practical custom-made installation!

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