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Back to school at beta: motor tools

Vibration glow plug removal box:

Beta introduces its new reversible, torque-adjustable glow plug impact extractor.A very practical case that will prevent you from breaking the plugs during disassembly!


  • The pneumatically operated, torque-adjustable extractor and the special bushes make it possible to unscrew stuck spark plugs with minimum risk of damage.
  • In the box, 5 long 1/4″ impact sockets, special for spark plugs: 8-9-10-11-12 mm, 2 extensions and 1 cardan shaft
  • 4 adjustable tightening torques are possible: 10-20-30-40 Nm
  • Right and left hand adjustment

The Vibration Glow Plug Removal Kit is available on at the new promotional price of 178.20 € ttc.

Cooling system leak test kit:

This box is designed to check the tightness of the cooling system and fill the circuit.

  • Allows you to check under pressure for leaks in the circuit (pipes, seals, pumps, radiators) and to fill the circuit quickly in order to avoid the formation of air bubbles.
  • Equipped with a pump with pressure gauge and connection plugs.

The leak test kit is available from at a price of 377.94 € ttc.

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