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Unbeatable offer 2014!

Millmatpro puts its number 1 sale back on the map in a big way with over 800 units sold!

The KS Tools 2 ton aluminium jack is now €249.00 including tax

Extra low, light and fast lifting, the KS tools 2T aluminium jack reference KS 1600365 has proven itself, and remains an unbeatable value for money product in its category!

Available for free in 24H by TNT transport everywhere in France.

Also available in DOM / TOM and in Europe.

Exceptional, the KS tools Tshirt offered with your aluminium jack!


Also find available spare parts such as pistons, aluminium head and buffer.

The detailed description of the 2T aluminium jack here

2T extra low aluminium jack technical sheet:

  • Capacity: 2T
  • Mechanism: double piston[/P
  • Frame: 630 mm
  • Dimension: min 85 mm, max 470 mm
  • Wheel: Heavy duty nylon
  • Weight: 20 Kgs
  • Budget : 249.00 € ttc

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