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Tire retailler at 380 €!

This tire cutter from the Italian brand Salvadori has 5 power settings 600 watts. The sliding blade holders of the tire cutter adapt to any type of blade on the market. The Salvadori tire cutter defies comparison in both power and quality. With its practical and light handle and its extra long cable, this tire engraver is very ergonomic. The tire cutter guarantees you solidity and robustness to work safely and quickly. The recutter blade holders give the ability to contour the cut as needed and with its simple construction this tire engraver bends to any size blade. The Salvadori Adjustable 600W Tire Recutter is priced at promo of €380.00 incl. tax on Don't forget, the port is offered to you from 150.00 € ttc of order!

A few tips for proper tire recutting:

Always cut the tire forward,

The tire burner should be gradually heated starting with the first position of the switch, then 2, 3, 4 and 5,

Do not go from 1 to 5 too quickly on the tire burner,

For a type N0 soft rubber, setting N° 2 of the tire cutter is the most appropriate,

The harder the tire rubber, the higher the setting on the tire cutter.

Attention: the promotional prices mentioned on this article are limited in time

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