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Comparison: servant compo

Right now on, you can take advantage of top prices on 3 KS Tools tool sets for trolleys. Ultra complete, ranging from 211 to 270 tools, all three for 4 drawers, and yet very different from each other.

The 211 tool compo: 586.78 € incl. VAT

This composition lays a good foundation, to be refined later by adding modules specific to your needs.




Indeed, you can find the usual sockets modules, the most being in the female torx sockets and screwdriver bits (new module), the Torx screwdrivers, the pipe spanners and the circlip pliers, modules that are quite expensive per unit, and that quickly become indispensable!









Weakness: Unfortunately, there is a lack of of a hammer module!

Find in the 211 parts tool set for hand tools:

  • The 1/4 with long sockets, the 1/2, a torx module with bits and female torx sockets as well as XZN, 6-sided, Phillips screwdriver bits,
  • Screwdrivers in Phillips, flat, and a TV torx module,
  • Combination spanners from 6 to 19, pipe spanners from 8 to 19,
  • Pliers, pliers, multi pliers, circlip pliers and vice pliers
  • .

The different prices available with the 211 tool compo:



The 243 tools compo: € 499.00 incl. VAT

Don't be fooled by the number of parts, this compo is really the most complete of the 3!



Brand new and limited edition from KS tools, this 243 tool compo is made of 4 large modules that take up a whole drawer. In bi-coloured foam modules, you have great visibility of missing tools, and therefore better organisation, also the sizes and types of sockets, bits, etc, are engraved on the foam.





In the 4 modules, 4 distinct themes: sockets, pliers, screwdrivers, and finally hammering with combination spanners.



The real plus of this compo is that the modules are very complete and have all the tools you won't find in the other compos.





A lamp, 1000V insulated TVs, a wire brush, a flexible magnet, all troubleshooting items you don’t have to buy in addition to the compo!

Weakness: This compo will be really perfect with the addition of the pipe key module!

Find in the 243 parts tool set for hand tools:

    LI]1/4" with long sockets, 1/2", screwdriver bits, including the 7mm hexagon, rarely found in composites, female torx sockets,
  • Screwdrivers in cruciform, with a wide range of sizes,[/LI
  • Screwdrivers in Phillips, flat, insulated, and torx! A set of male and torx spanners,
  • Hammer, mallet, chisel, pin chasers, a cutter and a lamp, combination spanners from 6 to 27,
  • Pliers, pliers, multi pliers, circlip pliers, vice pliers, tape measure, flexible magnet, wire brush
  • .

The different rates available with the 243 tool compo:



The 270 tool compo: 580.00 € incl. VAT

The most sold at the moment, because more parts, yet the 243 tools is more complete!



Its pluses are the TV socket module, the screwing module with all possible bits! Ideal for electronic, computer and household appliance repairs, these bits may be of little use to you, but you're always happy to have them when you need them in an emergency! This module also has a ratchet screwdriver.



Also found, and this is in the only compo, the ratchet spanner module with tilting head, a very expensive module per unit!





Weakness: Lack of pipe keys, and compared to the 243 pieces, the missing ones in this compo are circlip pliers, and the various torx parts, such as socket, TV torx.

Find in the 270 parts tool set for hand tools:

  • The 1/4 with long sockets, the 1/2, the 1/2 screwdriver sockets in torx, hexagonal and XZN,
  • Screwdrivers in Phillips, and flat, and the screwing module, with set of male keys, TV ratchet and complete bits,
  • Hammer, mallet, chisel, pin chasers, a cutter, combination spanners from 6 to 19, combination ratchet spanners with tilting head from 8 to 19,
  • Pliers, pliers, multi-purpose pliers, vice pliers
  • .

The different prices available with the 270 tool compo:



And here are these three KS Tools compositions, with our little favourite, the 243 tools, which remains the most interesting, in terms of quality/price ratio, and a real novelty at KS, moreover in a limited series[/p].Finally, we offer you different modules to complete your toolbox and which can be very useful:









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