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Inter-season: new experiences for nicolas schatz!

[And yes, when you love motorsport, the off-season can be a frustrating time for the passionate driver! Nicolas therefore takes the lead and tries all the new experiences that come his way.

At the beginning of October, he discovered the Legends Cars Cup on the mythical circuit of Spa Francorchamps. His impressions:From the 2nd to the 4th of October I took part in the European Legends Cars Championship during the "Racing Festivals" of Spa Francorchamps.

Everything was new for me because I had never driven this type of car and also never driven on this circuit. A Legends Cars is a car with a tubular chassis powered by a motorbike engine and a polyester bodywork with the look of old American cars. As they are equipped with a rigid axle and standard tyres these cars are a lot of fun to drive but to perform well you have to drive with finesse and manage the slides (especially when the rain gets involved ...).

When the circuit is absolutely magnificent: with its 7 km length it is very technical and very fast with mythical turns like the "raidillon" which is a series of blind turns at the end of the straight which is negotiated in 5th almost at full speed with at the top a car which becomes very light because of the unloading... great sensations!

For this meeting I teamed up with Nicolas GUILLAUME (reporter for Echappement magazine) with the aim of doing a story in the magazine. To note the nice presence of the Belgian rallyman François DUVAL and the host Gérard HOLTZ.

The following weekend it was the discovery of the rally by participating in the rally of the country of Montbéliard:

Indeed, thanks to my friend Fabien DUCOTE, owner and usually driver of this Clio N3, he proposed me to try the joys of this discipline by lending me the left seat of this car, taking the right seat. In a few days I had to improvise a simple and explicit note system and also learn to listen to a co-driver! It was also the discovery of a front-wheel drive race car with autoblocker equipped for the occasion with a production engine.

And here we are at the start of a new adventure consisting of six timed events in three loops. It took me a few turns to "get into the notes" but as the kilometres went by the pace came. In the second, longer and more technical special stage I was at ease from the start, setting the seventh fastest time, two tenths behind the first in class. The other two loops were to be run in the rain and we drove at a good pace while measuring the risks on a treacherous road, soiled by the ropes taken by the competitors. I also enjoyed the night loop where the magic takes place inside the car.

In the end, after a smooth run, we finished our rally in 10th place overall, Fabien and I were delighted, our only objective being to reach the finish

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