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Amateur mountain pilot friends were in the spotlight on Exhaust this month. Eric Faullummel and his new Escort Cosworth (Ex Philippe Bernard) savors his success at the Mont de Fourche hill climb: “Faullummel’s brilliance, who picked up the laurels in Group N, …”

During his competitions, Eric uses the Blacks plus 7-drawer trolley and its composition of 145 tools, including the Dynamometric module. This composition is the most complete and the most suitable for car assistance. The trolley is also available without the tool composition. Eric also uses the 1.5 T extra low aluminum trolley jack and the 3 T extra low aluminum trolley jack from KS Tools.

For the Bettant hill climb, it was Daniel Coquet who took the 3rd step of the scratch podium: "Coquet also achieved a good second climb which propelled him to third place...".

Daniel uses during his competitions the 1/4, 1-25 NM Ergotorque torque wrench from KS Tools. With this key, he uses the Turbo plus sockets from the 1/4 Turbo plus box from Ks tools, equipped with a 144-tooth ratchet.

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