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Oto new consumables storage system

oto, or one touch organizer will revolutionize the storage of consumables in your roller cabinet. no more boxes, assortments or bulk bags that are easy to lose and difficult to identify. with oto, you benefit from a unique, durable and easy-to-use system. tidying up your maid will be a real pleasure!

currently in development, all the modules and references are not yet created on the site, but it won't be long, so don't hesitate to contact us for more info!

what is the oto system? a fixing grid and plastic cups which are fixed thanks to the clip system function. clip system allows cups to be easily attached and ensure they stay in place, while being easily removed and repositioned as needed. the buckets come in different sizes, which allows a flexible configuration of your drawers. among these buckets, some have a reduced depth to allow the storage of smaller parts.

all buckets are made from high quality transparent polypropylene (pp) plastic and are tolerant to many chemicals, making it easier for you to identify your storage.

with the oto system, the boxes have a height studied to finish flush with the drawer, which when moving, will not disorganize your storage. depending on the model of roller cabinet, you must provide a small wedging to be cut under the tops if necessary to adjust. the top has the dimensions of a half trolley drawer (measurement of a standard ks tools or drakkar drawer) i.e. 390 x 272 mm and a height between 72 and 75 mm depending on the cutout.

here are some first examples of modules created and available for sale today:

m3 to m12 hexagonal head screw module with 493 parts.
composition: (dia. x length – qty)
3x16-25 4x20-25 4x30-25 4x40-25 5x20-25 5x30-25 5x40-25 6x16-25 6x20-25 6x40-25 6x50-25 8x20-25 8x40-25 8x50-25 8x60-25 20-15x40-25 25 12x40-25 12x60-25

cylindrical hexagonal head screw module m3 to m12 class 8.8 gross 493 pieces.
composition: (dia. x length – qty)
3x16-25 4x16-25 4x25-25
4x30-25 5x16-25 5x20-25
5x40-25 6x16-25 6x25-25
6x40-25 6x60-25 8x16-25
8x30-25 8x40-25 8x60-25
10x40-20 10x60-20 12x40-15

module of electric terminals 490 pieces.
20 fem terminals 6.3×0.8 red, 20 fem terminals 6.3×0.8 blue, 20 fem terminals 6.3×0.8 yellow, 20 male terminals 6.3×0.8 red, 20 male terminals 6.3×0.8 blue, 20 male terminals 6.3×0.8 yellow 20 terminals a m5 red eye, 20 blue m6 eye lugs, 20 yellow m8 eye lugs, 20 red butt lugs, 20 blue butt lugs, 20 yellow butt lugs, 20 red m4 barrel lugs, 20 blue m4 barrel lugs , 20 yellow m5 cylindrical lugs, 20 insulated red m4 cylindrical lugs, 20 insulated blue m4 cylindrical lugs, 20 insulated yellow m5 cylindrical lugs, wires, collars, sheaths, etc.

machining module 62 parts.
composition :
taps (2 passes) m3-m4-m5-m6-m8-m10
dies m3-m4-m5-m6-m8-m10
1 tap holder. 1 die holder
box of 19 metal drill bits
4 brushes with 6.35 mm drive
5 end mills 6 mm
3 wheel slat shank 6 mm
karzhan mini aerosol maintenance tools

drawer organizer 16 boxes oto system

drawer organizer 35 boxes oto system

different modules are still to come, including rivets, screws, bolts, washers and other small tools!

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