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Philippe bernard

In 88, Philippe made his debut in motorsport on a Sumbeam Group F, a passion that has always devoured him. From 90 to 97, it was in 205 Group N and then with a 205 Group A that he obtained class victories.

In 97, Philippe finally owns the car of his dreams, an Escort Cosworth Group N with which he signs numerous group victories. A GT turbo followed then a Clio Williams with which he won numerous class and group victories until 2003.


Since 2004, it is again with an Escort Cosworth that he has set time records in Group N. He qualifies for the hill climb final every year. In 2004, it was 1st place in the Auvergne league that he pocketed: it was the 1st Group N car to win this title, which is moreover on one of the most beautiful car grids in France in hill climb .

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