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Innovation: 1/4 head swivel ratchet

The latest addition to the KS Tools range is the 1/4" square head ratchet. A ratchet that multiplies the possibilities of use, in the most difficult to access places, thanks to its small innovations that change life!

  • A round, space-saving head that rotates 360°,
  • A handle that can be tilted in several increments to the point where the ratchet can be changed to a T-handle for added strength and ergonomics,
  • A reversible ratchet, 72 teeth (only 5° of recovery), with a socket ejection system,
  • An all-metal ratchet, including the handle, for extra strength,
  • A really ergonomic tool that will soon become indispensable.
  • Its new promo price on : 39.90 € ttc.


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