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Anest iwata chez !

New at Millmat, the paint guns from Anest Iwata, the famous Japanese brand.

Find on the website the High T.E.C. models :

HIGH T.E.C. guns improve the paint finish, reduce your costs and increase the efficiency of your painting jobs.The HIGH T.E.C. system is the result of years of fluid research in our Yokohama laboratory. Using our special instruments, we have created mathematical models and tested prototypes.

HIGH T.E.C. guns have been developed to meet the legislative requirements of Environmental Protection and to allow excellent atomization for all types of paint.This is why the HIGH T.E.C. system has an unrivalled transfer efficiency: in independently conducted tests. The results were much higher than the minimum 65% required by the Ministry of the Environment.

HIGH T.E.C. guns have many features such as:

– MIRRC THATCHAM transfer certificate. – Transfer rate higher than 65%. – Designed for extra dry and waterborne paints. – Lightweight and easy to clean gun body (380/400 g). – Low noise and low consumption. Available in gravity, side, suction and pressure feed.

Two of the brand's flagship models are highlighted in the field of body paints:





With the new W400WBX gun system. Its WBX cap revolutionizes spraying with a wider, sharper, cleaner spray pattern.

Provides a superior finish to hydro paints.

- The new W400 WBX gun is ideal for waterborne paints. It offers impeccable quality and results.- It provides a spray width of over 40 cm and delivers a fine particle size for an excellent result.- The WBX eliminates the dulling effect thanks to the regularity of its jet.- It is designed to perfectly respect the original colourimetry.


- Allows you to obtain a spray width of more than 40 cm
- Delivers a fineness of particle allowing a perfect result
- Is specially designed to perfectly respect the original colorimetry for hydro bases

- Is easy to clean: chrome body
- Is ultra light: 380 gr (gun only)
- Has a soft trigger: in-line air valve
- Is compatible with hydro: product passage in stainless steel
- Is approved by all paint manufacturers

- Entirely stainless steel product passage
- Built-in airflow valve
- Integrated product flow adjustment
- Meets ATEX and CE standards
- 600 cc bucket
– Ø1.3mm nozzle
– Air inlet: 1/4″
– Operating pressure 2 bar