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Ks engine stall servo!

It's already been a year since the KS Tools engine timing range went online! In view of the success of this range, in particular for four complete sets, KS is releasing a special complete chock set in the latest car selection in February 2014! The price of these sets, which cover the majority of the French car fleet, has been reduced!


The KS 8207102 is a 7-drawer Dakar trolley and 4 wedge kits for 4 drawers: the Peugeot Citroen PSA kit, the Renault kits and the VAG kit.

The complete trolley is available at at the new promotional price of 2 150.00 € TTC.

This new offer consists of :

The Racing Dakar 7-drawer workshop trolley meets the standards of robustness and solidity already recognised on the other lines of workshop trolleys from the KS Tools brand.

The drawers of the Dakar workshop trolley have a ball bearing system, a locking system and open fully for easy storage. With its work surface with rot-proof foam carpet, its side handle and its 4 robust wheels, 2 of which are directional with brakes, the Dakar edition trolley remains a reference in terms of ergonomics.

Dimensions of the Dakar 7-drawer workshop trolley: L680 x W455 x H1010 mm / Maximum load of the workshop trolley drawers: 30 Kg / Maximum load of the workshop trolley: 500 Kg

The trolley is also sold alone at 327.00 € including VAT at special prices or with other tool sets on


The Citroën Peugeot PSA KS 400.1350 chock set:



PSA Timing Tool Set 44 pcs: For latest generation petrol and diesel engines, this latest complete set of timing tools has been composed to include the most popular models, and the latest engines suitable for PSA models including the 2nd generation EW 16v petrol and 2.5/2.7/2.8 diesel.

Includes the following parts:

  • OEM 8mm square tensioning tool code no. 4507-TJ, 0132X, 0132X1Z, 9767.89
  • 6mm crankshaft dowel OEM code no. 0132Q, 5711-TA
  • Crankshaft dowel (2) OEM code N° 0132R, 4507-TB, 9767.27
  • Crankshaft dowel (2) OEM code N° 7014-TM
  • OEM flywheel timing pin code no. 0132QZ, 4507-TA
  • OEM steering wheel lock pin code no. 0189C
  • OEM 8mm joint adjusting pin code no. 0153G, 0153N, 0188D, 0153Y, 7004-TG, 7014-TJ, 7017-TR, 9767.34
  • M8 x 35 and 40 mm locking screw
  • OEM steering wheel distribution pin code no. 7017-TR
  • OEM steering wheel distribution pin code no. 0153N, 0188D, 0288D, 7099-TM
  • OEM M8 x 70mm screw code no. 0188X
  • Steering wheel adjustment pin with spring OEM code N° 0118X
  • Steering wheel lock tool OEM code no. 0189R
  • Steering wheel adjustment tool OEM code no. 0118X [/LI
  • Tensioner adjustment tool OEM code N° 0189S1
  • Tensioner pulley locking tool OEM code no. 0189S2
  • OEM flywheel locking tool code no. 0195K
  • Compressor pulley pin 0196C
  • Camshaft pinion alignment pin OEM code no. 0195H
  • OEM crankshaft sprocket centring pin code no. 0188AH
  • OEM camshaft retainer clip code no. 0188AD
  • OEM injection pump locking pin code no. 0132AB, 4527-TS2, 5711-TD, 0118X
  • OEM distributor pump lock pin code no. 0188H
  • OEM crankshaft and camshaft lock pin code no. 0189B
  • OEM injection pump timing pin code no. 4527-TS1
  • OEM camshaft timing pin (CA1) code N° 0132AJ1, 4533TAC1
  • Camshaft timing pin (CA2) OEM code N° 0133AJ2, 0188M, 4533-TAC2
  • Camshaft timing pins (2) OEM code N°5711-TC, 9041-TZ
  • OEM camshaft timing pin code N°0189A
  • OEM camshaft timing pin code N°0189AZ
  • OEM camshaft timing pin (VTC) code N° 0189L
  • Tensioner adjuster OEM code no. 0178E, 0188J/J1, 5711-TE
  • OEM flywheel lock tool code no. 0134AF, 0188F, 9044-T
  • OEM tensioning tool 0188J2 code no. 0188J2
  • Tensioning spanner hex 8mm OEM code N° 7017-TW
  • Retaining clip OEM code no. 0132AK, 0153AK, 0187J, 0188K, 0189K, 4533-TAD
  • OEM flywheel pulley removal tool code no. 0188P, 0174, 7015-T, 0188P2
  • OEM tensioner adjustment tool kit code no. 1 860 638 000
  • OEM flywheel installation tool code No. D86, 0153A, 6012T, 9765-54



Find all the car models compatible with this PSA chocker box with the help of this map and the PDF document below: the last column of the table corresponds to the lettering of the map.

4863_Applications KS 4001350

The KS 4001350 set is available alone at the special price of 400.00 € TTC instead of 592.96 € ! Each part is also referenced and available individually


The Renault KS 400.1800 wedge kit:



Designed for models before 2003, many of the tools are also suitable for models up to 2010. This complete engine timing toolkit includes sixteen important camshaft alignment, tensioning, and crankshaft alignment tools for use on most Renault petrol and diesel engines including:Petrol - 1.2/1.4/1.7, 1.4/1.6/1.8/2.0 16v, 2.2 8v, 2.5 20v for example on Laguna 2.2D/TD, Safrane 2.2TD, Espace 2.2 TD, Trafic 2.5D, Master 2.5D/TDDiesel - 1.9 D/TD, 2.1/2.2 D/TD, 2.5 D/TD, 2.8 D

Includes the following parts:

  • A / OEM Code No. MOT1489 Crankshaft lock pin 400.0751
  • B / M6 Tensioner pressure screw for adjustment 400.0753
  • C / M8 x 70 mm screw 400.1362
  • D / OEM Code No. MOT910 Injection pump gear distribution pin 400.1804
  • E / OEM Code No. MOT910 Crankshaft timing pin 400.1805
  • F / OEM Code No. MOT861/863 Flywheel lock pin 400.0754
  • G / OEM Code No. MOT1318 Crankshaft fixing pin 400.1807
  • H / OEM Code No. MOT1340 Crankshaft mounting bolt 400.1808
  • I / OEM Code No. MOT1135-01 Tensioning tool for Renault 400.9021
  • J / OEM Code No. MOT1386 Tensioner adjustment device 400.1810
  • K / OEM Code No. MOT1348 Tensioner adjustment device 400.1811
  • L / OEM Code No. MOT1337 Camshaft fixing tool 400.1812
  • M / OEM Code No. MOT1386
  • M / OEM Code No. MOT1312 Tensioning tool 400.1813
  • N / OEM Code No. MOT1496 Camshaft adjustment tool 400.1814
  • O / OEM Code No. MOT1384 Tensioner adjuster 400.1815
  • P / OEM Code No. MOT1490-01 Camshaft pulley positioning tool 400.9022



The KS 4001800 set is available alone at the special price of 350.00 € TTC instead of 513.43 € ! Each part is also referenced and available individually



The Renault KS 400.1450 wedge kit:



Renault wedge tool set, an additional set to the 400.1800. This timing tool set has been updated to include use on the latest Renault dCi diesel engines. Coupled with the 4001800 set, it offers full compatibility of Renault models.

Includes the following parts:

  • Q / OEM Code No. MOT1538 High pressure pump lock pin 400.0757
  • R / OEM Code No. MOT1536 Crankshaft locating pin 400.0758
  • S / OEM Code No. MOT1537
  • S / OEM Code No. MOT1537 Exhaust camshaft positioning tool 400.0759
  • T / OEM Code N° MOT1534 Inlet camshaft positioning tool 400.0760
  • U / OEM Code No. MOT1430 Crankshaft/camshaft lock pin 400.0580
  • V / OEM Code No. MOT1543 Pre-set tensioning tool – Renault and Opel/Vauxhall 400.9023
  • W / OEM Code N° MOT1705 Hood No 4 – Renault 400.9024
  • X / OEM Code N° MOT1526 Timing tool kit – Renault 400.1925
  • Y / OEM Code N° MOT1801 Camshaft sprocket locking tool. Renault 400.9025
  • Z / OEM Code N° MOT1200-01 Tool for locking injection pump bushing – Renault 400.9002



The KS 4001450 set is available alone at the special price of 509 € including VAT instead of 754.79 €! Each part is also referenced and available individually



The VW VAG KS 400.1400 wedge kit:



The KS 4001400 Master kit for the VW Audi group includes the tools required to work on the latest FSi/TFSi diesel petrol engines in addition to the original tools for the older Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Skoda models.


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