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Beta tools, a leading brand in mobile tools

Beta has a new product that was well worth an article from us, as it is a superior product in terms of mobile and durable toolboxes.

Since 1939 Beta tools has been innovating on all levels to provide quality tools for its industrial and automotive customers.

This article will highlight the enormous amount of research and development work that the Italian brand has put into the mobile tool sector, which was still a niche market 10 years ago. In view of the evolution of our society, where work is becoming more and more flexible and calls for independent workers for all sorts of tasks, especially in industrial maintenance, which used to be managed by services integrated into a factory/industry, Beta tools is today the best equipped brand in this field, for those itinerant mechanics who have to transport their tools to the four corners of the world.

Of course we will pass over the tool cases, which quickly find their limits, as well in term of number of tools (no possibility of evolution), as in term of lifespan. The hazards of transport make life difficult for the KS 922.0731 or Beta Easy tool case, and will have an average life of about 2 years.

We will therefore focus on three Beta references, which provide a real solution for the transport of tools in the automotive and craft industries:

The C41H body, which is more geared towards the craft industry, but also motorbikes:

Toolbox on wheels with sheet steel frame and plastic closing flap:

Robust and light (21 kg) 2 separable modules: 1 top box 1 module with 2 drawers 95 mm high, 1 removable plastic drawer 66 mm high and 1 drawer 295 mm high. Large-diameter wheels (160 mm), incorporated into the structure to facilitate movement even on stairs. – Centralized side lock for closing the drawers of the lower module. – Drawers mounted on telescopic slides with ball bearings and double closing hook. Telescopic aluminium handle. – Built-in storage tray in the top box. – Dimensions: 862 x 495 x 335 mm

Special price on at 309.00 euros including VAT.

Released at the end of 2015 by Beta, the C27S is particularly suitable for the car:

This cart is described in more detail in a previous article

Foldable trolley with folding columns for easy transport. 2 drawers 588 x 277 mm, mounted on precision ball bearing slides which allow opening in both directions. Large lower compartment 588 x 277 x 220 mm. Sheet metal structure. 2 fixed 160 mm wheels and 2 swivel 100 mm wheels with brakes Thermoplastic worktop with 6 integrated storage bins. Central security lock. Predisposition for the housing of dividers for drawers and thermoformed trays MC depth 277mm Dimensions: 722 x 394 x 570 mm – Weight 20 kg

Special price on at 345.00 euros TTC.

Finally the novelty 2017, an optimal solution for a safe transport of your tools:

Indeed, discover the 4 drawer toolbox in high resistance polypropylene reference Beta C14:

- Structure in injection moulded polypropylene which guarantees a high resistance to shocks. This technology has proven itself in air transport, arms transport and sensitive equipment transport. - The front part, protected by the lid, holds 4 drawers of 470 x 255 mm that can be pulled out: 1 drawer height 30 mm 2 drawers height 60 mm 1 drawer height 90 mm - Centralized front lock allowing to close simultaneously the two lids, top and front. - Two side handles - 4 heavy duty wheels at the back - Removable top tray - Tool panel integrated in the lid - 3 storage bins included - Nameplate with nameplate - Predisposition for TSA padlock

Resulting from the technology of transporting sensitive equipment, such as firearms and video equipment, this almost indestructible case combines compactness, ergonomics and high resistance.

This tool box comes from an alloy of different polymer and has an open cell core and a solid wall, stronger and lighter than a solid screen wall. (principle of the honeycomb).

Find the Beta C14 anti-shock 4-drawer tool box at the promotional price of 462.00 euros including tax.


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