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Small prices that change your life!

Here is the list of new Laser tools at low prices. A selection of clever and cheap tools that change your life.

LAS 6973 Mercedes Sprinter lug socket

Rear axle lug bush – Mercedes Sprinter For the removal of the toothed sleeve on the twin rear axle of Mercedes Benz vehicles. 1/2″ 6 lugs Will fit on Ref Mercedes A970 356 0026

The Mercedes Sprinter rear axle spigot is available on at 81.30 Euros incl. VAT


LAS 6940 The magnetic bottle or aerosol holder

Magnetic bottle or spray can holder, holds 2 bottles of lubricant, spray or other. Magnetic with 2 strong magnets on the back, it will be easily positioned on the side of your trolley. Super smart, the height is adjustable with 1 pair of screws per stand that can be lowered or raised by hand. It prevents splashing and provides better storage in your workshop. Can also be wall mounted.

The adjustable magnetic stand is available on at 35.86 Euros incl. VAT


LAS 6938 Henn Clamp Removal Tool

This tool is essential for loosening and unlocking Henn® clamps. Henn® clamps are found on charge air or coolant hoses on the car fleet. The tool has a swivel head that allows you to adjust the angle of the clamp and facilitate access. It has a T-handle for a better grip and a male key. Available on the following makes of vehicles: PSA, Renault, Ford, Volkswagen,Seat, Audi, Skoda, Dacia, Nissan, Kia, Opel, Mazda, Mercedes, Porsche, Volvo,Toyota, etc.

The Henn clamp loosening tool is available on at 20.38 Euros including VAT


LAS 6928 The plastic drain plug tool set


Plastic drain plugs are becoming increasingly common on new vehicles (Ford, BMW, PSA, Audi, Skoda, VW, Seat). Each of these plugs has a different grip for tightening and loosening. The fact that they are not made of metal poses the problem that a magnet is not needed for loosening. Laser Tools has therefore created a complete kit to simplify oil changes on vehicles equipped with these 4 types of plugs. The kit contains:

  • 80mm T-handle with 100mm length, 3/8″ drive and 3/8″ >1/4″ adapter
  • LI]A 10mm hexagon bit with 1/4″ drive and the specific adapter for the VAG drain plug Ref 31771 (Ref VAG 06L 103 801)[/LI
  • A specific adapter for the plastic drain plugs Ref 31775 present on PSA (OEM 9801444780) and Ford (OEM 1830727)
  • A specific socket for the Ford drain plug Ref 31776 (OEM 1830727 ) and the BMW drain plug 31774 (OEM 11137605018)

The specific tool set for plastic drain plugs is available on at 27.30 Euros TTC


LAS 6885 The special circlip pliers without ear for wheel bearings


The clamp is used on circlips that do not have a hole-shaped grip. This type of circlip can be found on wheel bearings of PSA, Toyota, Hyundai, Kia, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Daihatsu, Dodge, etc. The end of the clip has a hook system to hold the clip in place when it is removed. The clip is fitted with a spring system and ergonomic handle

The special circlip pliers without ear for wheel bearings is available on at 33.45 euros TTC


LAS 6870 The Ford 12mm 1/2" Special Socket for Temperature Sensors

This socket has a specific size of 40mm long allowing it to remove and install the cylinder head temperature sensor on Ford vehicles. Application: Ford 1.8/2.0/2.3/2.4/3.2 Lynx and Puma from approximately 2002 to 2007 found on Mondeo, Focus, Transit and Fiesta. Equivalent to manufacturer code 303-680 – drive in 1/2″. Chrome molybdenum construction with black phosphate finish

Ford's special 1/2 15mm 12 inch socket for temperature probes is available on for 12.36 euros (incl. VAT)


LAS 6856 L’Ad Blue Straight Filling Funnel 1100 ml

This funnel is used to transfer Ad-Blue fluid from a container to the vehicle tank. It is equipped with an automatic valve to prevent splashing. Clear 1100ml funnel with scale which has a cap to keep the funnel clean. The AD blue funnel has a flexible hose to allow the hose to breathe and air to circulate in the tank to prevent splashing and overfilling. It is specially designed to access the AD blue tank, which is often located behind the engine and is difficult to access

The Ad Blue Straight Filler Funnel 1100 ml is available on at 33.61 euros TTC


LAS 6961 PSA high pressure pump alignment rod

Piston rod for high pressure pump 1,6 PSA blue technology OEM equivalent 0194-J

The PSA high pressure pump alignment pin is available at for 15.74 euros (incl. VAT)

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