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From 1,66 € ttc the brake cleaner pro!

Find now the CO2 brake cleaner in 400 ml aerosol at from 1.66 euros per can!

A professional brake cleaner that degreases and dries quickly, allows the degreasing of brake discs and braking systems.

This is a very effective cleaner that quickly removes stubborn dirt. This brake cleaner, made in France, is an effective replacement for conventional cleaners based on chlorinated solvents, and reduces the problems of aggressiveness on certain plastics and the harmful effects of the vapours.

It is ideally suited to the maintenance of metal parts. CO2 brake cleaner prices:

19.90 euros including VAT for a batch of 12 aerosols 400 ml net, i.e. 1.66 euros per aerosol,

14.90 euros including VAT for a batch of 6 aerosols 400 ml net,

2.90 euros (incl. VAT) per 400 ml aerosol can net

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