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Pascal guiot

Pascal has been racing in Escort Cosworth since 2003 and his presence in hill climbs does not escape his competitors! Favorite of group N, he very often fights with Philippe BERNARD to know who will win.

To maintain his competition car as well as his passenger car, Pascal uses Yacco Galaxie competition motor oil on sale on at the price of €24.90 incl. tax for a 2-litre container of Yacco Galaxie or in batches accompanied by a Lubysil SC 100 additive at the promotional price of €69.90 including tax for 2 cans of Yacco Galaxie and a bottle of Lubysil. Yacco remains the best engine oil in the world in the field of competition.

For sale on, a complete range of Yacco oils and additives, the world record oil.

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