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Comparative test: established!

Because the workbench is certainly the equipment that will be present for the longest time in your workshop, your industrial garage… it is essential to choose it well.In order to help you in your reflection, the Millmatpro team decided to confront its 2 mastodons, the KS Tools KS 865.0201 2-meter workbench, and the little new one of the transalpine brand BETA model C59 « Endurance » 2 meters version 6 drawers.In this comparative test, we will try to reveal as precisely as possible each of the strong and weak points of these two workbenches. The installation:

KS Tools: Well, the installation of your KS Tools workbench could not be easier, it arrives fully assembled, on a large pallet. You will still need to call on your friends to install it where you want it, the KS Tools workbench weighs 122kg !

All that remains is to install the shelves in your workbench and you're done. The advantage of course is that the installation time is almost zero. But the 2 meter monobloc workbenches are very long, so be careful with the transport, you will have to redouble your vigilance at the delivery, because a blow of fork is quickly arrived. Here is an example of a workbench that arrived broken, proof that you need to be extra careful with such large products when you receive them!

Beta :

For our Endurance workbench, there will be a bit more work, as it is delivered in pieces: 4 packages for this model with the drawer block, the tray, the leg, the shelf.

Don't worry, it's a long way from the Swedish style of assembly, but after all, you're a good handyman, you might as well take advantage of it! It is necessary to check that all the elements are present at the delivery. Count on half an hour of assembly, with 2 people and a 10 mm spanner, the screws are provided. Several advantages are to be noted on this installation, first of all the safety of the transport, with a very secure original packing. Secondly, it is easy to move, as it is made up of several portable parts weighing a total of 115 kg. Then your workbench can be fixed to the floor thanks to the foot provided for this purpose.

Finally, the parts are reversible, so you can choose which side the drawers will be on, or the holes for your vice. The Tray:

KS tools :

We're talking about a solid light wood top, 200 x 69 x 4 cm thick.



This is a black laminated and coated wooden tray, 200 x 70 x 4 cm thick. The advantage of this tray is the holes for easy installation of a vice.


KS Tools: The KS workbench one-block structure ensures great stability and the maximum load is 400 kg on the workbench.


The KS workbench is finished in epoxy paint.

Beta: Now we are not playing in the same class at all! The structure of the Endurance Beta workbench is based on a Beta trolley, and therefore benefits from all its technical advantages. 6 drawers, 4 of which are 25 kg resistance, 1 30 kg resistance and 1 35 kg resistance.


In addition, the workbench can withstand up to 1,500 kg this time! The fact that the workbench can be fixed to the floor provides additional stability.


Ks tools: On the KS workbench, there is a lot of storage space.


First of all, the 3 drawers mounted on ball bearings and fully opening, with central lock closure, 2 of which with metal dividers already present, ideal for organized storage of your small rooms.


However, the drawers are not designed to store KS tool modules.



In addition to the drawers, there are shelves in the centre and behind the door on the right, which has a lock.





Beta: The workbench is based on a trolley, so the 6 drawers are standardised and can easily accommodate the Beta tooling modules.





Moreover, they are protected by a neoprene mat already present at the bottom of the drawers and are closed by a central lock.



There is also a lower storage shelf. The little extra, the sides of the trolley are pre-drilled to accommodate an optional bottle holder and paper holder.




KS Tools: The overall dimensions of the KS workbench are 2000 x 600 x 850 mm high, the dimensions of the drawers are 430 mm wide x 520 mm deep, 2 are 85 mm high, and 1 is 165 mm high



Beta: The overall dimensions of the Beta workbench are 2000 x 700 x 900 mm high, wider and higher than the KS, there is also more depth under the top, which allows you to place your workbench in front of pipes, or other bulky items.



The drawer dimensions are 588mm wide x 367mm deep, with 4 drawers 70mm high, 1 drawer 140mm high and 1 drawer 290mm high.

To conclude:

You have now been able to discover the advantages and disadvantages of each of the workbenches, what remains to be seen is the small detail, which is obviously important: the price!

KS Tools: this is the only 2-metre model available from KS Tools at the special price of €799.00 including VAT on

Beta : find the Beta Endurance workbench in 6 drawers with 3 possible colours (orange, red or grey) at the special price of 958.00 € TTC on Its big brother in 12 drawers is available at 1 255.00 € TTC.

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